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  • Welltherm Infrared Heating Panels, heat your room naturally!
  • Welltherm Infrared Heating Panel Matt Black finishing. It can be used as blackboard.
  • Welltherm Infrared Heating Panel Mirror surface. It is excellent for your bathroom mirror
  • Welltherm Infrared Heating Image surface, frameless.
  • Welltherm Standard Black and White Glossy surface Infrared Heating Panels, framed.
Welltherm is the best heating solution for every living area! ;)

Infrared Heating Technology has been proved to be one of the most economic, healthy and environmental friendly heating solution. It is the perfect heating system for every living area and it has been proved that it is ideal for people who suffer from allergies or respiratory disorders! Find out more about Infrared Heating Technology and see the benefits by yourself.

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Welltherm’s Infrared Heating Panels can be used in any living environment, including your Home, Work, Office, Gym and anywhere you might think of, just like any traditional heating solution. But what are the benefits compared to the other heating solutions? Find out more about Welltherm Infrared Heating Panels and their benefits in each living environment.

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Designed and manufactured with technological excellence and precision, Welltherm Infrared Heating Panels are the most efficient and economical heating solutions. Our big range of infrared heaters ensures you that you choose the right size, watt power, style, design according to your individual needs and taste. Their slick design and light weight saves you space in any room by either placing it on the wall or on the ceiling.

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Yes! It has plenty of them :D



It’s fast
Only 10 minutes and you will be able to feel the heat.


It’s safe to use
It was built to keep you warm and not to harm you!


Healthy and friendly
The atmosphere in the room stays clean.


5 Star Service
Don’t worry if something goes wrong, we will replace the panel for free.




Cheap Heating Solution
No matter how many times you calculate it, it is cheaper than your current heating system.


Easy Installation
It’s very easy to install! All you need is 4 holes on the wall and that’s it.


It’s Unique
Customize it according to your needs so no one else has the same as you do.


5 years warranty
We trust our product and we believe that it will serve you well all these years.




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