Learn how to use the panels in various environments 

At your home

Whether you are a tenant or owner, with Welltherm’s infrared radiators you have smart and effective heating. Due to their light weight, you can mount them in every room on ceilings or walls.

As soon as you decide how your Welltherm’s infrared heater looks, place it instantly into your room and let it adapt to the interior design.

And what if you move elsewhere again? NO problem, just take the heater with you.

Wondering how infrared heating panels can be used in a flat? Check it out.

At the office


Welltherm infrared heaters create a pleasant indoor climate by keeping the employees more productive and healthy.

While heating efficiently, Welltherm’s infrared radiators prevent cold spots, dust particles, dry air, and maintain an even temperature in each area. Your staff will concentrate on their work while avoiding getting a cold.

The heating panels can either be hung from the ceiling or mounted on the walls. Because of the wireless thermostat, Welltherm’s infrared radiator can be controlled individually. Especially in open-space offices, it makes it so easy to control different temperature ranges across the covered area.


In shopping centers or pubs


Due to their effective heating, Welltherm infrared heaters are suitable for businesses. They can be used among others, in small businesses, shopping centers, malls, market halls and galleries.

The infrared heaters are easy to install and require no additional space since it can be mounted on the wall or even on the ceiling.

You can save up to 50% of energy expenditure.

Since you can design your own individual radiators, they can easily fit into the design concept of your business. Alternatively, you use the heating panel for advertising your business by printing your company logo on it.

Industrial or Commercial Applications


You can use Welltherm’s and ceilings, you save additional space in factories, garages, workshops, warehouses where every single square meter is crucial infrared heaters in each industrial sector, given that their surface is scratch resistant and resistant to acid. Since they can be mounted on walls.