House Application

Application – House

Infrared heating panels for house applications

This section demonstrates to you a simple way to decorate and use your Welltherm Infrared Heating Panels in a home environment.

This is a 2 bedroom house, made by our designer to demontrate various ways of use of the Welltherm infrared heating panel. As you can see, there are 2 normal size bedrooms, 1 leaving room, 1 kitchen and a bathroom.

The rooms sizes have been designed according to an average house/apartment size in Europe.

In order to make a proper selection of the panel size, it is important to know the cubic meters (m3) of the room. For the calculation of the m3 we take into account the three (3) dimensions of the room, which are length (L), width (W) and height (H). We multiply all the dimensions' values together. For the height, we take a valueof 2.5 m which is an average height for a house/apartment in Europe.

Σ = L x W x H = 6.90 x 3.50 x 2.50 = 60.38 m3

When a room is well insulated, an infrared heating panel can heat approximately 25 Watts per cubic meter.

For this reason, we multiply 60.38 x 25 = 1510 Watts. This practically means that our room requires panels that have combined Watt power of 1510 Watts. This is can be covered by 2 infrared panels of 780 Watts from the Glass Series or 1 x 710 Watts and 1 x 910 Watts from the Metal Series.

Living Room

Living room with two wall mounted radiant heaters

It is essential to know the cubic meters of each room since this is how we can provide you with an accurate panel size recommendation, suitable for your room.

The heat range of each panel depends on the panel size and Watt power. However this is estimation due to the fact that there are additional factors that someone needs to take into consideration in order to make the right panel size choice.

The main factors which are usually most important are the wall insulation of the house/apartment and number/size of the windows.

Something to keep in mind is that the panels use infrared heating technology and windows do not absorb the heat and the infrared rays are not reflected back in the room towards other directions. Hence it is not advised to place an Infrared Heating panel facing towards a window. This way, you ensure that the majority of the infrared rays will not "escape" from the area you want to keep warm.


Kitchen with blackboard infrared panel heater

We follow the same principle for the kitchen as well as the dining room by calculating the cubic meters of the room in order to determine the appropriate panel size.

For the kitchen, we have selected the Blackboard edition of the Welltherm Infrared Heating Panels. This comes in handy since we are able to not only heat the area but also use the infrared heating panel to write recipes, groceries list or any notes and reminders.

It is an excellent choice for cafés and restaurants.

Give your customers a “warm” welcome and illustrate the offer or the dish of the day in a unique and yet practical way. After all, the Welltherm infrared Heating Panels are not just radiators.

Main Bedroom

Image glass infrared panel heater for the main bedroom

Every square meter in your bedroom is important. How about saving some space and place your radiator on your wall?

But where are you going to put the picture of your wedding?

We say get your image heating panel. This way you have a heating panel with the picture of your preference as the front side.

By having an image heating panel you achieve 3 things. Heat your room, have a canvas of your preferred image/photo and save space. Place it anywhere you desire in your bedroom -by keeping in mind that the front face of the panel is not opposite to a window, and enjoy the very comfortable and warm environment that Welltherm Infrared Heating Panels can create for you.

Second bedroom

Second bedroom with image glass infrared heater panel with a picture of your child

One of the great benefits of Welltherm Infrared Heating Panels is that it is perfect for people with allergies or respiratory problems. This also makes them is great for children too because the Infrared Heating Panels do not circulate the air and prevents the dust particles fly around the room.

With our products you will be able to protect your child as well as offer them an excellent room atmosphere and also dust-free air.

Remember that the Infrared Heating Panels of Welltherm do not warm the air in the room but the objects within. This simply means that we feel warmer because the people and objects are heated by the soothing infrared heat waves. The heat is reflected back to other directions by keeping the objects warm. Just like the sun.


Mirror infrared heating panel for your bathroom

Tired of the old mirror? Welltherm Mirror edition is an excellent choice for bathrooms!

There are many cases that there are hardly any heaters in the bathrooms, especially when their size is small. This is why the mirror edition of the Welltherm Infrared Heating Panels is an ideal heating solution.

Simply replace your existing mirror with a Mirror Series Infrared Heating Panel and enjoy a warm bathroom while having a mirror which does not fog up.

The very special characteristic of the infrared waves is the fact that they do not allow the mirror to fog up under high humidity level.

Still not sure whether the Mirror edition is the perfect heating solution for your bathroom or spa?