"Amazing Technology - Great Customer Service

What an amazing technology! Easy to mount/install, practically invisible due to its beautiful finish. No one would ever assume the panel was a heater. We (and also our cats) are truly happy with the comfortable and discreet warmth evenly felt in every single corner of the room as well as the pleasant atmosphere in our flat. Being able to program different temperatures for different periods and having full temperature control (thermostat/wireless receiver) is brilliant. All this at reasonable costs and with low energy consumption. A personal highlight was the outstanding customer service. Swift, efficient, professional and friendly technical support in the decision phase as well as customer service during the order/delivery process. So all in all a very convincing package and highly recommendable."

- Laura P.

"Just a line to say how happy I am to have received the 900 x 600mm Infrared radiator from you.

The product arrived on time and in perfect condition. 
Out of the box it is a beautiful radiator in mirror finish with swish aluminium frame!
Plugged it in and waited the allotted time for radiated heat and again was not disappointed, warmed up in ten mins...
My, always cold, partner could not get enough of it, saying she wants one at home also, it is perfect for her home study where she can heat the one room whilst the rest of the house is on hold!

I will be keeping the unit sent to me and maybe buying more!"

- Kevin M.

"In the beginning I was amazed at how fast my living room gets warm. It literally takes 10 minutes after I plug it in the socket.

Never thought that just 1 panel can heat such large area. Got rid of my gas radiators already and I look forward to the receipt of the other 3 panels."

- Richard B.

"We are very pleased with the heater.

Took a couple of days to set up the thermostat, even with the English instructions that I had downloaded from your site. But since it's been up and running, it's working great.

It has even reduced the amount of condensation we're getting on the window, especially through this cold spell, so that's a major bonus.

We are very happy with the service and the product."

- Ian L.

"Just to let you know that we are very pleased with the heating panels, they are working just fine and as you can see from those pictures they look amazing on my wall.

All my friends are talking about them."

- Dan B.