What Is A Welltherm Infrared Heating Panel Really?

Welltherm's Infrared Heating Panels

It keeps you warm but It's not just another heater.

Delivering Excellence

Extreme care and detail on the production of infrared heating panel. Made in Germany

Welltherm Infrared Heaters Panels are designed and manufactured with extreme care and detail made in Germany. The goal which Welltherm sets is to deliver products which meet the customer's desire and expectations.

Gas and Electricity prices rise every day. The technologically advanced and cost-effective Infrared Heating Panels from Welltherm give you the opportunity to save money by simply reducing your energy consumption. Welltherm’s heating panels operate with electricity in an extremely efficient way and they have distinctive advantages compared to convection radiators.

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Let the sunshine in!

Welltherm’s Infrared heaters bring the warmth of the sun into your home

Infrared heating panels compared to convection electric heatersThe invisible and soothing waves of our infrared heaters are similar to sunlight, which are absorbed by solid objects and released as heat into the room. This creates an even more comfortable temperature with optimum conditions for a healthy indoor climate.

Compared to convection heating systems, infrared heaters heat the objects and not the air. This way, the room temperature seems warmer even if the thermost

at is set 3 to 4 °C degrees lower than in convection heaters and still have a nice warm home.

Welltherm’s heating panel surface consists of a 5mm ESG high quality safety glass with max. temperature 120 C, which is capable of heating large rooms by distributing the heat evenly throughout the space thanks to its infrared technology.

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Functional DesignWelltherm infrared heaters functional design

Appearance and functionality beyond any standards

The functional design is the outstanding feature of Welltherm’s infrared heating panels.

Our heating systems combine elegance and your personal touch with all the positive characteristics of the cost-effective infrared heating technology.

All operating and mounting elements which might interfere with the beautiful appearance of the heating panel, are mounted at the back of the panel and the panel remains easy and comfortable to use.



Design according to your taste

Have it as you want it!

Welltherm’s infrared heaters give you the opportunity to customize the front face of the panel and its frame (if you want any) according to your desire.

The heater integrates into any living environment and emphasizes your taste in interior design.

Your heating system becomes undetectable since it adapts to the interior design of any room.

You can have a mirror as the panel’s front face for your bathroom and the image of your preference for the living room – There are no boundaries in your imagination. 

Welltherm certifications

Your Benefits

Welltherm’s infrared heaters are a smart and cost-saving way to heat your place.

Save time and money

Welltherm infrared heaters are installed in a heartbeat with no costs. By controlling the temperature with a wireless thermostat you reduce both electricity consumption and energy costs.

Green heat

Welltherm infrared heaters need no maintenance and combined with green electricity, it heats your space completely CO2-free. 


Enjoy flexibility

The installation and use of Welltherm’s infrared heaters is as easy as it gets. All you need is to place the radiator where you prefer, enter the heating time and temperature in the wireless thermostat and…. that's it!

Creating space

On the floor, on the wall, on the ceiling

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The answer is in the heart of the panel

electric infrared panel heater by Welltherm. A look at the heart of the panel


Still wondering why Welltherm should be your choice?

Low purchase price Easy installation and handling Small footprint
in combination with reduced energy consumption. It can be installed and used in just in a few minutes. Also if you are moving to a new house is very simple to take it with you! Non-Pollutant and no CO2 emissions (with eco-current)
Low consumption It is extremely fast Excellent support
compared to other heating solutions and it may reduce your monthly cost up to 60% you will be able to feel the warmth within the first 10 minutes! If something goes wrong with your panel we will replace it for free!
NO maintenance costs Customizable Comfortable indoor climate
there is nothing else except electricity that your panel needs, in order to keep working in full capacity you can create a panel, which matches your taste and fits perfectly in your living or working area

It is excellent for people with allergies and it keeps the walls mold-free and dry


6 reasons to buy a welltherm infrared electric heating panel

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