What is Infrared Heating?

What is infrared heating and how it works

1. What is Infrared Heating and What Infrared Radiation?

What is infrared radiation

Infrared energy is the type of pure radiation which is absorbed by objects without having any physical contact in the first place with the source of heat or with the air within the objects and the source.

Infrared waves are the ones which lie within the visible light and microwaves of the electromagnetic spectrum.

The best example of infrared heating is the sun. The sun produces infrared radiation and these invisible rays are converted into heat when they are absorbed by objects (fixed or non-fixed) –having traveled through cold and dark space.

Apart from the sun, infrared is the heat which we normally feel from fire, or even a warm sidewalk which absorbed the infrared warm waves.

Have you ever thought why you feel cold in the winter even though it has 17 oC and in the summer you feel warm with the same temperature? This happens because the infrared radiation heats the objects and not the air. The heat is absorbed by the objects and is released towards our bodies.


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2. How Safe Is Infrared Radiation for Me?

Infrared heating is healthy heating

Many people immediately think that radiation is harmful for humans but there is beneficial radiation apart from the dangerous one.

Infrared Radiation works similarly to the sun rays but without the harmful UV rays for the skin. It is not ultraviolet (this causes sunburns) or atomic (nuclear weapon) radiation.

Infrared Radiation is the type of energy which heats an object or a person and not the air within a room. Even our bodies radiate infrared energy out through the skin at around 3 ~ 50 microns. How harmful can this be?

In addition, it does not emit any gasses to the environment or make the air dusty and stuffy. Your walls dry out completely and cold spots can be reduced significantly. Moreover, any mold growth is prevented.

In contrary to what someone may first think, Infrared Radiation is even healthier than any other convection heater since it has been proved that it has many health benefits when used -among others, for medical purposes such as Passive Cardiovascular Conditioning Effect, Outstanding Caloric Consumption and Weight Control, Musculoskeletal Cases, Coronary Artery Disease,  Arteriosclerosis and Hypertension.


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3. What is the difference between infrared heating panels and convection heaters?

Difference between infrared and convection heating

They operate in a completely different way.

An infrared heating panel does not heat the air but directly warms the persons and the objects which are inside the room. This makes the infrared heating panel more efficient because the heat is immediately absorbed by everyone and everything within the heating range without any heating energy loss in the process.

Just because of that, the persons within the range feel the warmth even if winds come inside the room from an open window.

Compared to a convection heater which makes the air stuffy, an infrared heating panel keeps the air clean and comfortable without mixing the air with dust. Your walls remain dry and any mold growth is prevented as well as there is reduction of cold spots within the room.



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4. Is it effective? If so, what is the cost?

Effective heating with infrared heating panels

Infrared heating panels have an extremely high efficiency compared to convection heaters.

They are able to convert close to 90% of the electricity into actual heat with minimal energy loss and since heat is produced through electromagnetic waves, the productivity rate of heat is almost 100%.

When combined with a thermostat, the energy consumption reduces radically by putting itself into standby mode when reaches the ideal room temperature.

Since a person can feel the warmth within 5 minutes after turning the heating panel on, it is highly advised to be turned off when leaving the room. This makes it even more efficient, economic as well as environmental and user friendly product.


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