DeDo Plug In EU 2-Pin Wireless Receiver

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DeDo Plug In EU 2-Pin Wireless Receiver for DeDo Thermostat for controlling one infrared heating panel.

The particular device is plugged in the socket and you simply plug the panel in the receiver.

If you live in United Kingdom, you can also select our DeDo 3-pin UK plug in receiver.

For every panel that you wish to control, you will need one receiver per panel. Depending on the Watt power of the receiver, you may be able to connect even two infrared heating panels per receiver. 

However, we highly advice that you consult your electrician for such connection.

The operation is fairly simple.

You set the desired room temperature on the DeDo wireless programmable thermostat and the receiver does only one thing. It communicates wirelessly with the thermostat and turns the panels on/off based on the room temperature that you set on the thermostat.

There are only a few simple steps to pair the DeDo thermostat with the receiver. It's done in just a few seconds.

The great thing about this receiver is that even if the communication is lost between this and the thermostat, it has a button that establishes communication once again with the thermostat.

More information on how it functions by clicking on the receiver's manual below:

DeDo plug in wireless receiver for thermostat. Installation manual

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