Welltherm Infrared Heating Panel High Temperature Glass Series

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High temperature glass series. The infrared heating panel for every ceiling

Welltherm certifications

High temperature for high demands

If you're looking to buying an infrared heating panel and the high ceiling height is an issue, consider it no problem at all.

The High Temperature Heating Panels by Welltherm is the best heating solution for rooms with very high ceilings. 

The particular panels are characterized by exceptional performance and they are ideal for heating rooms with a ceiling higher than 3.5m.

These heating panels are ceiling mounted infrared heaters and give you the ability to heat big rooms in a short period of time with outstanding performance. This allows you to cover large areas quickly and efficiently.

A heating solution that is highly preferred by companies with big open areas and high ceilings such as auto dealers, industrial halls and fitness studios with energy sports such as hot yoga.

 Welltherm Infrared Electric Heating panels high temp front

The surface of the panel is a high quality 5mm ESG Safety Glass that is fire resistant, capable of reaching a surface temperature of 140 and 190 Celsius degrees.

Because of the high surface temperature this heating system reaches, it is only possible to install it on the ceiling. It is ideally hanged from the ceiling with any chains or ropes that can hold the weight of the infrared heater from four fixing points.

welltherm infrared panel high temp back side

One other great feature of the particular infrared panel heater is the back insulation that it has. It's double the size of our other series.

The thicker insulation mat reduces the temperature that is emitted from the back, reducing the heat loss. At the same time, it makes it more efficient as higher radiant heat is radiated from the front.

The cable of the panel comes in white color with 1.9m length in either EU or UK plug.

There are two available ceiling mounts for this series. You may either attach the panel on the ceiling or hang it from there.

Thin and Stylish

The heating panel adapts to the room style and you forget that it is actually a heater until you turn it on and you feel the heat. Since it can be customized, the heater looks absolutely amazing in a modern room.

Slick and Modern

High Temperature Glass Infrared Panel Heater With Frame

It comes with a beautifully crafted aluminium frame adapting to your personal style and preference.

The particular Infrared Heating Panel comes with a thin frame which brings the depth of the panel to 3.7 cm.

The framed panel maintains its stylish and modern design while it provides you with superior performance, no matter the room you want to place it.

Interested in finding out more about the High Temperature infrared heating panels?

Check out the below installation manual:

Installation manual for high temperature glass infrared heaters

Dimensions and Specifications









60 x 60 700 140 11
60 x 60 1000 190 11
90 x 60 1000 140 14.5
90 x 60 1500 190 14.5
120 x 60 1400 140 18.5
120 x 60 2000 190 18.5
Note: Technical Specification may be subject to change
Panels sizes for high temperature infrared heater panels


6 good reasons to buy infrared heating panel by welltherm


A Few Good Reasons To Buy From Welltherm

We are company that is dedicated to supplying high quality products and providing superior customer service.

Our products are 100% Made in Germany, having passed the most strict quality and safety assesments. The certifications that the Welltherm infrared heating panels passed is our proof.

Every product that we sell has been thoroughly tested by Welltherm so that you're rest assured that you receive a product that meets the highest standards.

We are very strict with the type of products that we choose to produce and we don't compromise for anything less than a premium product.

Last but not least, we're always willing to help you select the right infrared panel heater for your requirements. Don't forget that we're always happy to hear from you and help you with your choice.

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